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Various Phase I Engineering for Drainage Studies and Hydraulic Reports

Illinois Department of Transportation


Various Phase I Engineering for Drainage Studies and Hydraulic Reports

Project Description

Phase I engineering services are required for preparing Drainage Studies and Hydraulic Reports for various locations in District One. Typically, the studies and reports will be completed in conjunction with Project Reports prepared by others. All documentation and the supporting computations are to be presented in the study/report format as appropriate. Preparation of Location Drainage Studies shall be in accordance with department polices/requirements. A Program Management (PM) Consultant is also required for Phase I engineering services. The PM Consultant will be assigned to manage and/or assist in the completion of various IDOT Phase-I drainage studies and hydraulic reports, several of which may be under contract with other engineering consultants. Phase I engineering services may also be required for the preparation of various Phase I preliminary engineering and environmental studies for drainage correction projects. Work includes new Phase I studies for intersections and short highway segments.

The work includes data collection, field verifications, roadway survey, stream survey, survey note reductions/plotting, drainage investigations, determination of drainage patterns, storm sewer cleaning/televising, drainage system evaluation and design, presentations/coordination with local agencies, bridge scour evaluation, development of Waterway Information Tables, hydrologic/hydraulic analyses, and hydraulic reports for waterways and pump stations.

Our team performs work similar to an IDOT Project Manager/Squad Leader & Staff, and reports to the Hydraulics Section Chief. The work includes data collection, preparation of base maps and mosaics, geometric studies, and safety studies including accident analysis, capacity analysis intersection design, route surveys, and Categorical Exclusion Reports. Cost estimates, public involvement, and all other related work necessary to complete various Phase I studies and tasks.

Our team performs work in the district office as needed and assists the district in reviewing, overseeing, tracking and prioritizing projects being performed by IDOT personnel and other consultants.

d’Escoto, Inc.’s Role

d’Escoto, Inc. is providing drainage engineering services in the IDOT District One Headquarters for various work orders. The primary role is to assist IDOT with the review of various drainage submittals. A full review is done by d’Escoto when a private development connects to an IDOT drainage system. The review consists of ensuring the IDOT Drainage Connection Checklist was followed and properly completed, in addition to checking drawings and calculations to ensure accuracy. Comments and coordination are provided to the submitting firm. In addition, d’Escoto Inc. is providing drainage reviews for the High Speed Railroad from Chicago to St. Louis. Anytime work is being done on an IDOT road, the drainage is reviewed to confirm that is correct and in accordance with IDOT’s overall drainage system and goals. d’Escoto, Inc. also helps with any minor Drainage Investigations or Phase I work that needs to be completed.