d'Escoto Inc

Civil Engineering

Rosemont Transit Center Interim Improvements

Pace / Cook County


Rosemont Transit Center Interim Improvements

Project Description

The purpose of the improvement was to expand the transit center to provide for an increase in public transportation demands resulting from the inauguration of express Pace service associated with the Jane Addams reconstruction.

This improvement consisted of Transit Center Improvements and included Hot Mix Asphalt pavement patching, median removal and replacement, curb and gutter repair, bus shelters, lighting, ADA sidewalk ramps, signage, drainage improvements as needed, pavement marking, restriping crosswalks, landscaping, erosion control, traffic control and protection, engineering and other necessary highway appurtenances.

d’Escoto, Inc.’s Role

d’Escoto, Inc. provided civil engineering design services for the Transit Center improvements. We performed a site investigation to determine the extent and need for various drainage improvements including the possible reuse of the existing structures.

The project included various removals, patching and repairs in the area centered on the bus terminals. The bus terminal median was partially removed and extended to allow for additional bus loading/unloading zones. ADA access, additional PACE signage, pedestrian wayfinding and striping was also included. In addition to the terminal work, pavement patching, curb and gutter repair, and ADA sidewalk repair was provided following a site assessment. During construction, a traffic maintenance and staging plan was implemented to ensure proper bus access (turning and staging), and to ensure that pedestrian access was maintained through the terminal. In addition, a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) was utilized for erosion and sediment control during the construction process.