d'Escoto Inc


Julia C. Lathrop Homes Steam Line Replacement

Chicago Housing Authority


Julia C. Lathrop Homes Steam Line Replacement

Project Description

The Chicago Housing Authority contracted d’Escoto, Inc. as part of a Design/Build team lead by Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) to execute an underground steam line replacement for their Lathrop Homes development. d’Escoto, Inc. provided: Civil Engineering, Site Assessments, Estimating, Construction Administration and Close-out review as a sub-contractor to HED. This time sensitive project required that the existing heating distribution system remain in place and in working order. During the project our firm insured the placement and progress of the new system was done as specified and in the allotted time.

Project Highlights included:

New Connection to the Existing Steam Plant
Two Street Crossovers
New Connections to the Existing Buildings
Over 2,000 lf of New Distribution and Return Lines
Repairs and Updates of Three Mechanical Rooms
Two New Underground Vaults
Coordination With Existing Utilities
Undiscovered Underground Conditions, Including an Old Bridge Embankment
Coordination With Tenants in Occupied Buildings

d’Escoto, Inc.’s Role

d’Escoto, Inc. planned and designed the civil scope for site replacement and rehabilitation of the steam distribution system for the existing campus heating system. We determined where the street and site repairs would occur and performed site reviews to verify construction progress, and schedules. d’Escoto, Inc. also noted any deviance. We monitored and reviewed, permitting activities, design, change order request, and recommend pay applications as well as assisted with budget plans. Finally, we reviewed as-built drawings and close-out binders.

Flood Repair and Mitigation

As a part of the project, it was necessary to address water infiltration issues in three mechanical rooms on site. These rooms served as the distribution center for the hot water steam system that supplies heat and domestic hot water to over 150 units. The mechanical rooms were frequently flooded during and after rain events causing the pumping systems to fail. Our team addressed the repairs in the following manner:

Repaired the existing sump pumps
Cleaned out the drain lines
Replaced defective piping
Relocated the control panels away from the slab to a higher elevation
Waterproofed the foundation walls