Construction Management

d'Escoto, Inc. offers construction management, project controls, and professional engineering services in the following industries: transportation, aviation, rail, infrastructure and vertical construction. With over 40 years of experience, d'Escoto,Inc. has earned a reputation of professionalism, excellence and diligence in the professional services world.

As Construction Managers, d’Escoto’s versatile staff works closely with Owners to achieve budget, quality and schedule objectives and to minimize any disruptions to operations.


Budget objectives are met through detailed cost estimating, value engineering, and bid solicitations from reliable and competitive organizations.


The d’Escoto, Inc. quality management system provides plan review, testing, inspection and submittal and RFI reviews from start-up to punch list. Our system is made effective through clear and direct communications, and systematic reporting and tracking. In the cost estimating and facility assessment components, we utilize proprietary systems and software which allow our project managers to gather, store, and access data. This data allows our team to understand the projects needs and advancement in a measurable system to creatively and effectively manage and problem solve. These systems are the most effective tools for our client budgets, schedules and design objectives and provide our clients with more accurate evaluations and appraisals than our competitors.


Our project controls team pays particular attention to all phasing, required deadlines, procurement of long-lead items and meeting any phased move-in requirements of the Owner. We also review and monitor contractor’s schedules to confirm projects are headed to on-time completion.


d’Escoto, Inc.’s construction management expertise has been the driving force behind cost savings, schedule reductions, and scope enhancements for a vast number of our clients.