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UPRR Track Relocation



UPRR Track Relocation

Project Description

This relocation of two and a half miles of double track railroad north of Irving Park Road facilitated the extension of Runway 10C/28C for the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP). The site location is just west of the old track, bounded by Irving Park Rd. to the south, York Rd. to the West and Thorndale Rd. to the north. Movement of approximately 138,000 C.Y. of soil, was needed for the preparation of sub-base as well as clearing and grubbing on 38 acres of surrounding property. UPRR provided continuous welded rail to the site for the construction of the Interim Rail.

This project was split into several different contracts which entailed construction of a temporary rail bridge, demolition of existing rail bridge, and construction of a permanent rail bridge over Franklin Avenue.

The project scope included construction of 1,000 feet of temporary and permanent retaining walls, 2000 feet of embankment and installation of permanent rail and fastenings for the final rail alignment. Construction of the double railroad also consisted of: ditch, roadway and earth excavation and embankment, coordination and rerouting of utilities, temporary and permanent erosion control, drainage, duct bank placement, sub-ballast placement, reinforced box culvert installation, ditch channeling, rip rap, diversion of ditch, coffer dams, roadway construction, storm sewers, culverts, tunnels, grading, pavement marking, signals and lighting.

d’Escoto, Inc.’s Role

d’Escoto, Inc. provided construction engineering and inspection services for the realignment of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Interim Rail and Cargo Access Road Project.

The work included, but was not limited to:
Quality assurance to verify contractor compliance with construction documents through daily site inspection and monitoring
Safety inspection checks to ensure implementation of all applicable regulations
Schedule time impact analysis, delay claim analysis, and claim mitigation and negotiation services
The review of, and recommendations for all contractor pay requests, after verification of measured quantities.
Conducting progress meetings with the Owner, Designer/Engineers, Contractor, Program Manager and Construction Manager