Construction Management

Chicago Department of Water Management

Sewer Structure Rehabilitation Program

Delivering Results

d’Escoto, Inc has been an integral part of the on-going yearly program helping the city rehab over 15,000 structures per year

d’Escoto, Inc. was commissioned by the City of Chicago, Department of Water Management to provide construction management and inspection services for sewer structure rehabilitation projects throughout the city of Chicago on a task order basis. d’Escoto, Inc.’s responsibilities for this task order included: evaluating and recommending which structures needed to be replaced, creating spreadsheets and databases to track the progress of the lining, coordinating utility company work when necessary, monitoring construction to ensure it is in accordance with the contract requirements, providing before and after photographs, and updating the Department’s sewer atlas documentation after the completion of the project. d’Escoto, Inc. prepared daily shift reports, monthly progress reports, and facilitated project coordination meetings for the Department, including preparing agendas and taking meeting minutes. d’Escoto, Inc. was responsible for project billing and reviewed the payment application with the contractor, negotiating their allowable billing prior to final approval from the Department.

Key Issues and Innovative Solutions

The resin lining task order was unique in that it served as the pilot program for CDWM’s lining of vertical, mixed diameter structures. d’Escoto’s inspectors were a key voice, between the contractor and the city, in the drive to mitigate quality control issues (such as liner failures, liner diameter/elasticity deficiencies, tear patching and cold weather application).