We are the Experts in Project Controls

By working cohesively with our client, we provide an excellent end-user experience that facilitates the timely gathering and storing of very important project information and ensure its success.

PMP Professionals

Many d'Escoto, Inc. staff are professionally trained and certified through the Project Management Institute.

Project Controls

Project Scheduling

d'Escoto, Inc. staff are highly experienced in Oracle P6 and Microsoft Project and are responsible for training staff as well as contractors and sub-contractors on the use of P6.

Cost Estimating

d'Escoto, Inc. staff provide cost estimates for large scale construction projects during the preliminary phase of construction as well as throughout the duration of the project. Additionally they review and analyze contractors' budgets and estimates for validity.

Document Control

Many projects require the control mechanisms for documentation. d'Escoto, Inc. staff are responsible for the organizing, saving, and properly storing project documentation throughout the duration of the project as well as post project retention.

Project Controls Database

d'Escoto, Inc. has provided custom built project controls databases to several clients in order to facilitate the gathering and reporting of important project related data and centralize it all in one standard location on one standard platform.

Historically, d'Escoto, Inc. has developed and maintained these systems on locally managed client computers and servers. This provides our clients in-house access to valuable information via data entry screens and reports. All information must be entered locally dependent on contractors and subcontractors sending information to the client for data entry. In addition, the client must manage the server and platform the project controls database is running on.

With the recent advancement and innovation of technology, we feel there is a better approach to providing access to these systems for our clients. d'Escoto, Inc. now offers its server capacity to its clients to centralize, run and manage the project controls database on one standard platform.

Access from Anywhere

d'Escoto, Inc. offers the ability for our clients and all approved contractors and subcontractors secure remote access to their specific projects via the Remote Desktop application from wherever the user is located. This ability ensures current, timely data and reports. Information will not be delayed waiting for users to enter data locally. In addition, clients do not have to provide office space and computers to d'Escoto, Inc. employees to manage and enter their project related data.

Independence from Operational Data

Clients do not have to give contractors and subcontractors access to their local operational servers and manage those users and licenses. By having these project servers operate independent of the client's server, access to potentially highly sensitive client information is mitigated. d'Escoto, Inc., in concert with our client, manage end user access to the data.

No Infrastructure Investment

Clients do not have to invest in new hardware and IT resources to manage and maintain advanced hardware. d'Escoto, Inc. provides its server capacity to our clients where our servers reside at a Tier 2+ highly secure data center. Highly skilled, trained IT professionals manage the servers and ensure that it is operating at its highest capacity.

Major Features:

  • Program/Project Planning - including program setup, estimates and bid packages, and rfp creation
  • Program Controls - including project setup, contracts, funding sources, close-out tracking, change orders, payment applications, progress reports, meeting minutes and transmittals
  • Reporting - including cost summaries and payment status reports


The flexibility of this system allows us to create user specific reports based on the information that is captured. If information is not currently being captured, the application can be modified to begin capturing important client specific information. Additional customization can be done to better suit the client.