Construction Management

Metra Stations

As a prime consultant to Metra, d'Escoto, Inc. provided Construction Adminstration services for the Midlothian, 111th Street, and Roselle stations and parking lots. Project scope included coordination of requests for information, shop drawings, maintenance of submittal logs, conducting on-site supervision of work in progress to determine if work was progressing according to schedule, coordination of contractors, reporting and attendance at weekly progress meetings. d'Escoto, Inc. acted as liaison to contractor, interpreting contract documents, and drawings, as needed.

During the course of the work d'Escoto, Inc. also was responsible for ensuring compliance to certifications, QA/QC processes outlined by Metra, monitor contract adherence prior to final inspection, review final punchlist and assist in project close-out.


Metra Union Pacific Line

This project involved refining and evaluating alternatives of the Metra Union Pacific West Line. d’Escoto Inc. provided cost estimates for a variety of possible construction projects

These projects included trackwork for an additional mainline, upgrading existing rail lines, signal costs, parking lots and garages, new train stations, and sitework changes including retention ponds and storm sewerage.

Other work which required estimates included repairs to existing railroad bridges, new and upgraded retaining walls, land acquisition and additional rolling stock.