Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Workplace for Everyone

d’Escoto, Inc. is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.  We understand and recognize that many people face and suffer injustices, social and economic barriers, marginalization and other challenges at work, at school and in our community as a whole.  We strive to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion so that all of our employees can contribute, advance creative ideas, seek career betterment and succeed at d’Escoto, Inc.  We recognize that many peoples and groups are held back by artificially created obstacles that cause and contribute to local and global systemic forms of bias. Diversity, equity and inclusion make for a better world for all.


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Employee Empowerment

At d’Escoto, Inc. we strive to build a diverse group of team members made up of individuals who have different skills, different educational backgrounds, different life experiences, different areas of interests and different passions which allow us to deliver superior services to our clients.  We do this because diversity leads to appreciating our differences as an asset allowing us to build stronger bonds and relationships with each other at work, at home and as a society.  Inclusion allows all of us to create and maintain an atmosphere that breaks down barriers and allows opportunity for all.  Inclusion results in the respect of each individual’s ideas and growth potential.

Diversity, equity and inclusion results in new ideas being shared, different perspectives being encouraged and heard, and equally engaging and valuing everyone.

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