Chicago Lakeshore Rehabilitation

  • Chicago Lakeshore Rehabilitation


Client:  City of Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL


The objective of this project is to provide background floodproofing knowledge to improve shoreline resilience for select properties and facilities located along Lake Michigan in City of Chicago. The project work is to create fact sheets for various Best Management Practices (BMPs) according to cost, advantages, disadvantages, effectiveness, and deployability.

Services Provided

d’Escoto is providing Civil Engineering Services for the Chicago Lakeshore Rehabilitation Project. Tasks included:

  • Providing dry floodproofing BMPs for flood control, such as permanent floodwalls, permanent flood panels, removable flood panels, and sealing windows and doors.
  • Providing wet floodproofing BMPs, such as raising and relocating the mechanicals (e.g. HVAC, furnaces, pumps) from basement to rooftop for both a single-family home and a 10-floor apartment building.
  • Making site protection suggestions including breakwater and riprap improvements, building seat and landscape wall, and beach nourishment.
  • Preparing cost estimate for each different BMP with detailed cost including material, equipment, labor, and transportation cost.
  • Creating fact sheets and BMPs summaries to demonstrate effectiveness, deployability, advantages and disadvantages for 9 different BMPs