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Client:  Chicago Housing Authority

Location: Chicago, IL


As a task order assignment under Harley Ellis Deveraux our firm was ask by The Chicago Housing Authority’s (CHA) to review and assess electrical equipment that was damaged after a flooding event in 2013. We attended project meetings, assessed the property, helped develop the repair and flood mitigation scope and prepared an independent cost estimate. These properties were all in existing buildings and each property was damaged in a unique way by the flood.

The scope of work involves developing and maintaining a good working relationship with the school Principals and other, coordinating sign-offs during the design, construction and warranty periods, translating design documents and transfer packages into basic documents easily for the principals to understand, developing and maintaining lessons learned program to institute a program of continuous improvement, and meeting with CIP Management Team once a week in the Monday morning CIP coordination meetings.

Services Provided

Our scope of services included providing project management, cost controls, estimating, scheduling, monitoring, reporting, and administration of the program. The field team provided leadership and coordination with bid package compilation, review and recommendations of bids, and field construction supervision. The project management team oversaw all work and ensured that work was completed in a satisfactory manner, on schedule, and within budget. Additional duties included acting as a liaison with the CHA, tenants, and property managers.

Innovative Solutions

Our assessment team noted that most of the water infiltration was caused by compromised underground conduit that links the site’s electrical distribution system. The manholes on site filled with water and that water traveled into the building basements in those conduits. Although the existing piping was “water proofed” the material used was not appropriate for the task. Our team researched the materials and techniques for this condition and specified a proper material and method. In addition, we are implementing more traditional approaches to mitigate the flooding issues, including: removal of vacated coal shuts, foundation crack repairs, sump pump alarms, drain clean outs, sealing of windows, and foundation waterproofing.