Balmoral Ave Extension

  • Balmoral Ave Extension
  • Balmoral Ave Extension
  • Balmoral Ave Extension


Client: CDOT / IDOT / CDA

Location: Chicago, IL


The City of Chicago Department of Transportation required Category 8 Professional Construction Engineering services for the extension of Balmoral Avenue. The project limits are from Bessie Coleman Drive, located on the east side of O’Hare International airport, to the North-South Connector Road of Mannheim Road and Balmoral Avenue. The project extends over Mannheim Road and includes a ramp onto Mannheim Road southbound.

The Airport Transit System (ATS) Bridge over Interstate 190 (I-190) is located in Chicago, Illinois near O’Hare International Airport. The ATS Bridge crosses over I-190 and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) tracks in a north-south direction just east of Bessie Coleman Drive and west of Mannheim Road near the ATS Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF).

Due to the planned widening of I-190 and the ramp from NB Bessie Colman Drive to EB I-190 and the proposed Balmoral Avenue Extension from Rosemont to Bessie Coleman Drive, the abutment and the southern pier of the structure carrying the ATS over I-190 was impacted. The Balmoral Avenue alignment and widening of I-190 impacted the existing abutment (ATS Station 201+55), Pier 131 (Station 202+09), and Pier 132 (Station 202+64). The abutment was removed and reconstructed further south, and the existing Piers 131 and 132 were removed and replaced by the new Pier 131A at Station 202+39. Concrete face retaining wall and slope wall was also proposed north of the abutment.

Balmoral Avenue was extended from east of Mannheim Road to Bessie Coleman Drive (Under a different Contract, CDOT Project No. E-1-511). The new Balmoral Avenue was constructed between the new retaining wall (Station 201+47) and the new pier at Station 202+39. The area between the retaining wall and the pier was graded and seeded. All the cabinet boxes that are part of the ATS power and control systems were relocated before start of the roadway construction.

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. provided construction engineering services for this project. Work included the following activities: viaduct removal; existing pavement removal; bridge construction; pavement construction and resurfacing; retaining wall construction; storm sewer construction; sanitary sewer construction; fire hydrant relocations; earthwork, including the construction of a detention basin; installation and relocation of traffic signals and street lights (including concrete foundations), traffic signal and street lighting controllers, wiring, and electrical conduits; adjustment of existing structures; and topsoil, new landscaping, and pavement markings, including all appurtenant work and accessories.