CDA’s Capital Improvement Plan

  • CDA’s Capital Improvement Plan
  • CDA’s Capital Improvement Plan
  • CDA’s Capital Improvement Plan
  • CDA’s Capital Improvement Plan
  • CDA’s Capital Improvement Plan
  • CDA’s Capital Improvement Plan


Client: Chicago Department Of Aviation

Location: Chicago, IL


Few projects can compare to the sheer number of guests, business, and traffic that Chicago’s airports face every day, and even fewer projects have the magnitude of accessible financing that Chicago’s Airports have to put toward capital improvement projects (CIP). The CIP team ensures the Chicago Department of Aviation is aware of the long term financial, environmental and time savings that the proper investments they can make to ensure both airports’ environmental footprint is as small as possible, travelers are safe and can move about the airport efficiently and flights have fewer delays. CDA’s CIP has been responsible for repairing, maintaining, upgrading, and expanding the existing infrastructure of both O’Hare and Midway International Airports. These airside and landside projects pose tremendous challenges in that they are all being performed on active airport property, and construction activities and require minimal interference and communication with ongoing airport operations.

Projects have included the construction, maintenance, inspection, or rehabilitation of the following:
• New Consolidated Car Rental Facilities
• Facilities and Demolition
• Runways and Taxiways
• Terminals
• Aircraft Facilities
• Utilities Security Systems
• Access Roads and Bridges
• Cargo Tunnels
• Storm Water Management Systems
• Communications Systems
• Heating and Cooling Plants

Services Provided

d’Escoto has been providing construction and program management, project control services, P6 scheduling, cost estimating and contract administration support directly to the CDA’s CIP Program. These d’Escoto services and staff are being utilized in all phases: from planning, pre-design, and design phases through final project completion.

The CIP program needed to be broken down into more manageable, smaller projects. d’Escoto provided extensive cost benefit analysis, P6 schedule analysis and project control services to evaluate the ideal path for these repackaged construction projects to get completed efficiently considering schedules, budgets and airfield and landside impacts.

Our resident engineers provided construction management and oversight for numerous major construction projects at both O’Hare and Midway with active runways including the extensive Balmoral Road Extension and our professional engineering staff provided on‐call engineering services and home office support for various projects requiring structural engineering.