Annunciation Church Cemetery Roadway System

  • Annunciation Church Cemetery Roadway System
  • Annunciation Church Cemetery Roadway System


Client:   Annunciation Catholic Church

Location: Aurora, IL


Years of deterioration had left the paved paths surrounding the cemetery at Annunciation Church in need of major repairs and or replacement. In addition, flooding and silt build up was reported to have increased since a new development was built on the adjoining property. The combination of these two factors has increased the risk of the headstones and burial plots on the property being flooded. The Church was looking to resolve this problem with as much volunteer work and donations as possible. d’Escoto, Inc. volunteered to perform the design and construction engineering work pro-bono.
With the budget in mind the phase III team took extra care in sourcing the materials to either find cheap or donated sources. They also scheduled the project in a way that could maximize the work done by volunteers. Finally, a local contractor was brought in to finish the specialized portions of the project. This comprehensive approach lead to a project that was completed under market value and ahead of schedule.

Services Provided

d’Escoto provided phase II services to help alleviate the pavement and flooding concerns that the church had. The first step was to complete a field investigation. During this it was determined the paths were pavement on bare earth. Due to this, full pavement restoration with a subgrade would be required. Next, a drainage study was performed to determine where the flooding was coming from and if the complaints were correct that the new subdivision was causing the flooding. Following the analysis, it was determined that the neighboring farm field was flooding the cemetery due a new drainage pattern that had developed from years of erosion. A new ditch, catch basin, and storm sewer pipes were proposed to alleviate the impact of the runoff from the farm field. With a solution in place the d’Escoto Inc. phase III team took over the project to finish the construction.