IL 25 from Dunham Rd to Stearns Rd

  • IL 25 from Dunham Rd to Stearns Rd
  • IL 25 from Dunham Rd to Stearns Rd
  • IL 25 from Dunham Rd to Stearns Rd
  • IL 25 from Dunham Rd to Stearns Rd


Client: Illinois Department of Transportation

Location: Kane County, IL


This project encompassed the reconstruction and widening of IL 25 from Dunham Road to Stearns Road. The improvement included a four-span UPRR Bridge replacement and a new EB IL 25 over Brewster Creek Bridge, the intersections of IL 25/Stearns Road and Dunham Road/Gilbert Street, as well as new pavement on Stearns Road and Gilbert Street. This improvement is located in Kane County within St. Charles Township.

The roadway widening and reconstruction provided a four-lane divided arterial with a 30-foot grass median and eliminated a traffic bottleneck that existed at the single-span UPRR bridge. Major intersections were improved by adding turn lanes, traffic signal modernization, and Kane County signal interconnection. The new pavement section is a jointed 10-inch PCC on IL 25/Stearns road with curb and gutter pavement sections. Gilbert Street, and the south 500 feet of IL 25, consist of full-depth HMA roadway with curb and gutter.

This project included the construction of a temporary shoo-fly structure for the UPRR over IL 25/Stearns Road to maintain UPRR trains while the new four-span bridge was constructed, a retaining wall in the northeast quadrant, new CN Railroad crossing gates for the at-grade crossing at IL 25 and the Kane County Bike Path, and bike path improvements of the intersection of IL 25/Stearns Road/Gilbert Street intersection to maintain an existing cell tower.

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. performed construction management including on-site inspection, layout verification, incorporating design changes, coordinating QA testing, geotechnical inspection and testing, utility relocation coordination, maintaining documentation, and preparing pay estimates, change orders and other duties requiring the services of an engineer to complete this project on a timely basis and in accordance with State specifications.

d’Escoto also provided inspection and documentation of the installation of galvanized steel conduits, fiber optic cable, and tracer wire from the intersections of IL 25/Stearns Rd to IL 25/Dunham Rd. for future tie-in to the Kane County ITS network. Work was coordinated with the Kane County DOT and adjacent project to ensure in the integration of these intersections to the ITS network.

Innovative Solutions

d’Escoto, Inc. performed a Constructability Plan Review and developed an innovative new construction phase that temporarily eliminated signals at an intersection and eliminated many smaller phases and traffic switches. This allowed the contractor to utilize a much larger and safer work zone that resulted in considerable time saving and a much safer environment for the motoring public.

This project included the construction of the EB IL 25/Stearns Road structure over the East Branch of Brewster Creek. The bridge was constructed using standard methods. The contractor was able to work along the creek using standard erosion and sediment control devices that included having a turbidity curtain on-site as a precaution. We coordinated with KDOT, IDNR, and the Army Corps, as Brewster Creek contains endangered redhorse fish and mussels.

Our work on the IL 25 from Dunham Road to Stearns Road project was awarded an ACEC-IL Engineering Excellence Merit Award.