CPS Capital Improvement Plan

  • CPS Capital Improvement Plan
  • CPS Capital Improvement Plan
  • CPS Capital Improvement Plan


Client: Chicago Public Schools

Location: Chicago, IL


This project is a full range of Program Management services including short- and long-term capital planning, budgeting, programming, design management, construction management, and closeout to achieve the quality, budget, and schedule goals.

This includes essentially four types of capital projects which require the services and overall management:

1) Board-Conducted Projects: Board-Conducted projects includes new school construction, annexes, major renovations, and all types of programmatic and infrastructural upgrades. This category also includes the projects that may be identified under the Capital team.

2) PBC-Conducted Projects: The PM supports the CPS Director of New Construction, or designee, with the design and construction process for PBC projects as defined by the Board.

3) Third-Party Projects on Board Sites: The PM had minor responsibilities for projects on Board-owned property conducted by third parties. This includes projects such as charter school organizations that occupy Board facilities.

4) Third-Party Projects on Independent Sites: For these projects, the PM provides peer review and/or some limited oversight on behalf of the Board. Examples of these projects are those at non-CPS campuses that serve Chicago Public Schools students, such as independent-site charter schools

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. provides Construction Project Managers and Project Controls professionals that are imbedded in the PMO leadership and field teams that make-up the PMO Capital Program. The team provides project controls services that include the gathering and organizing of data for monthly reporting on schedule, budgets, and progress.

In addition, the PM team provides field construction observation and reporting services for both the PBC and Third-Party Projects. Each ensures that projects are on-time and under budget by attending weekly meetings, performing site visits, and reporting on progress and issues from the field.

Finally, d’Escoto, Inc. is providing program and project close-out activities. Their tasks have greatly reduced CPS’s close-out backlog. Those efforts have freed-up additional resources and dollars that would normally have been unallocated until close-outs have been completed.