Dubuque Pipeline Replacement & Station #319

  • Dubuque Pipeline Replacement & Station #319


Client: Nicor/Sourthern Company

Location: East Dubuque, IL to Elgin, IL


The Dubuque Pipeline replacement project consists of the retirement, via removal or grout in place, of approximately 8 miles of 22” pipe and then the installation of approximately 8 miles of 30” pipeline starting in Elgin, IL and continuing west to Hampshire, IL. The project also included 12 conventional road/creek bores between 80 and 250 ft. of 30” pipe, three horizontal direction drills between 1,100 and 3,000 ft. of 30” pipe and the installation of a 30” mainline valve.

The Dubuque project also includes work at Station 319 consisting of the excavation, retirement, and removal of 22” and 8” piping, installation of 200 ft. of 30” piping and 150 ft. of 8” piping, the removal and transport of a 22” pig barrel, installation of two 30” pig barrels, the installation of two 30” valves with actuators and 10” crossovers thrust blocks under the blowdowns for each valve, temporary security, and permanent fencing, 8” piping for existing pigging barrel kicking lines, along with miscellaneous piping, fittings, valves, regulators, taps, concrete supports, etc.

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. is providing a Chief Inspector, Office Manager, nine Weld Inspectors, nine NACE inspectors, and five General Inspectors to oversee the Contractor’s work on this project.

The Chief Inspector manages the inspection crew of approximately 23 inspectors and takes overall responsibility for the successful delivery of this project.

NACE and General Inspectors oversee all construction activities and report back to Nicor, as well as review drawings, permit requirements, and all construction plans and specifications. Daily inspection logs are also completed and submitted.

Certified Weld Inspectors visually inspect each weld joint to verify that a sound weld is produced, as well as to verify welder qualifications and ensure that proper welding procedures are implemented.

The Office Manager provides back-office support to the Chief Inspector as needed, which includes finalizing and filing reports and managing payroll and office field equipment and supplies.