• DuPage Airport Runway Rehabilitation
  • DuPage Airport Runway Rehabilitation
  • DuPage Airport Runway Rehabilitation


Client: DuPage Airport Authority

Location: DuPage County, IL


The existing runway at the DuPage Airport measured 5,100 feet in length, which is the second-longest runway in Chicagoland after O’Hare. In order to accommodate additional flexibility and added safety the DuPage Airport Authority decided to add 1,343 feet to runway 2R-20L. Runway 2R-20L now has a total runway length of 6,443 feet. This provides sufficient runway length for many of the larger corporate jet aircraft when the main runway, 2L/20R, is closed for maintenance (e.g., mowing or snow removal), aircraft incidents, or construction.

A separate runway, Runway 10-28 had approached the end of its useful life and was in need of rehabilitation to prevent further deterioration. The DuPage Airport Authority opted to replace the current porous friction course with grooved asphalt. Runway 10-28 is the airport’s secondary instrument runway.

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. provided preliminary estimates and schedules to the DuPage Airport Authority for the extension of Runway 2R-20L and provided construction engineering and field inspection services for the rehabilitation of Runway 10-28 and the extension of Runway 2R-20L.