Elgin Mental Health Roof Replacement

  • Elgin Mental Health Roof Replacement
  • Elgin Mental Health Roof Replacement


Client: Elgin Mental Health Center

Location: Elgin, Illinois


d’Escoto Inc. architects collaborated with Kluber Architects and Engineers on the replacement of the 192,000-square foot roof of the Forensic Treatment Complex and 29,000 square foot roof of the Rehabilitation Building at the Elgin Mental Health Center. Existing roof types included steep slope asphalt shingle, low slope modified bitumen and low slope EPDM.

The Forensic Treatment Complex (BR121) is a 140,000-square foot, two-story building constructed in 1996. The Rehabilitation Building (BR110) is a 55,500-square foot, two-story building constructed in 1972.

Services Provided

d’Escoto Inc. provided field surveying services of existing conditions, site investigations and documentation of deficiencies during the program analysis phase of the project. Code analysis and research of regulatory requirements were also provided during this phase. Architectural drawings were generated to record existing conditions and to be used as background drawings during the Schematic Design Phase. Additionally, d’Escoto, Inc. provided section details of existing structural and roof systems based on field inspections and existing record documents. d’Escoto, Inc. then generated a detailed field report and provided recommendations for appropriate roof systems based on the Illinois Capital Development Board’s budget and the site’s needs. Estimating services were provided during Program Analysis Phase, Schematic Design Phase, and Design Development Phase. Due to State budget issues, the project is currently on hold. Further estimating services during the Bidding Documents Phase will be provided once funding has once again been allocated.