170th Street Bridge over Thorn Creek

  • 170th Street Bridge over Thorn Creek
  • 170th Street Bridge over Thorn Creek


Client: Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways

Location: Elmhurst, Franklin Park, & Village of South Holland, IL


This project will include the removal and replacement of the four-lane, two span bridge carrying 170th Street over Thorn Creek. Project limits will be required to tie into the existing roadway on both sides of the structure. Land use adjacent to the structure is forest preserve and residential. An existing logistics center and IDOT maintenance yard are nearby, and access to these facilities should be considered as construction staging plans are developed. d’Escoto provided drainage and hydraulic support for a bridge replacement project to widen and add another span to 170th Street over Thorn Creek in South Holland, IL.

Services Provided

d’Escoto is providing:
• Analyzing existing and proposed drainage in the bridge replacement area
• Preparing a Location Drainage
• Preparing a Location Drainage Technical Memorandum summarizing the drainage analysis
• Creating preliminary drainage plans for proposed bridge improvements
• Creating existing and proposed condition unsteady-state hydraulic models from the Thorn Creek FIS base model to determine permitability of construction in a floodway
• Verifying the net cut-fill balance satisfies the 1:5:1 compensatory storage requirements of South Holland
• Developing a Hydraulic Report summarizing the Thorn Creek riverine analysis