IDOT District 1 ADA Ramps

  • IDOT District 1 ADA Ramps
  • IDOT District 1 ADA Ramps


Client: Illinois Department of Transportation

Location: District 1 Various  Location in Illinois


Phase I engineering services are required for the preparation of various Phase I preliminary engineering and environmental studies throughout District One.  The work included assisting the District with the management and implementation of an ADA Transition Plan.

The Consultant will perform work like an IDOT Project Manager/Squad Leader and Staff, and report to the Consultant Studies Unit Head.

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. provided Phase I engineering services in the form of ADA ramp studies and design. Our work included visual inspection and analysis of survey data to determine whether existing ramps were ADA compliant. Non-ADA compliant ramps were then designed using IDOT ADA standards. The design included affected curb and gutter, dimensioning, and labeling of sheets, and determining quantities per curb ramp. Excel sheets were developed and used to aide in the design and QA/QC procedure of the ramps.

In scenarios where ADA compliance could not be met, d’Escoto designed the ramps to the maximum extent practicable and provided IDOT with the necessary documentation. In some instances, the intent of the ramps was not clear due to crosswalk markings and ramp locations. For these d’Escoto create tech memos for IDOT to determine the proper geometry.  In addition, to the detailed design, d’Escoto is provided aerial sheets that summarized the existing and proposed conditions.