Jardine Water Purification Plant

  • Jardine Water Purification Plant
  • Jardine Water Purification Plant
  • Jardine Water Purification Plant
  • Jardine Water Purification Plant


Client: Chicago Department of Water Management

Location: Chicago, IL


This project included the removal and replacement of approximately 88,000 square feet of roofing systems on four roof plans of the Administration Building complex at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management’s Jardine Water Purification Plant located at 1000 East Ohio Street. The new roofs are to receive a vegetative “Green Roof” covering. The project also includes the removal and reconstruction of the entrance canopy and plaza pavement at the Administration Building’s main entrance.

The work included demolition, structural repair as required, and reconstruction of the existing roof envelopes on the Administration Building proper, the roof on the Administration Building penthouse, the roofs on the Low Lift Pump Room, and the roof of the entrance canopy, in addition to the demolition and reconstruction of the existing entrance canopy. Also included is the removal and disposal of the Administration Building window washing system, including the entire roof-mounted rail and attachments as well as the man-lift equipment.

Services Provided

d’Escoto is provided construction Management Services including construction monitoring, inspection of materials, documentation processing and maintenance including correspondence, submittals, RFI’s, etc., schedule review, pay request processing, change order evaluation, and project close-out.

d’Escoto, Inc. also provided concrete inspection of the existing roof structure and measurement of pay quantities for various concrete repair type line items.