Lincoln (Abraham) Park – Montrose Artificial Turf Field Design and Construction Administration

  • Lincoln (Abraham) Park – Montrose Artificial Turf Field Design and Construction Administration


Client: Chicago Park District

Location: Chicago, IL


Chicago Park District (CPD) has identified an existing artificial turf field directly north of Montrose Avenue and east of Lake Shore Drive, in need of renovations to outdated field surfacing and associated equipment.  The artificial turf field will be replaced with a new multi-purpose field to accommodate football, lacrosse and soccer sports, and will meet or exceed Chicago Park District standards.  The new artificial turf field is also intended to meet or exceed ADA accessibility guidelines.

The design should account for the necessary demolition and disposal of materials, appropriate grading elevations, sub-surface material and drainage systems replacement (where necessary), new artificial turf fabric with all applicable striping, athletic equipment, bleachers on a concrete pad, and landscape restoration.  The existing concrete barrier curb should be reutilized, where appropriate, to anchor the new artificial turf field material.

The general scope of services includes, but may not be limited to, landscape and architectural design, cost estimates, topographic/utility survey, engineering (including but not limited to sewer, water, electric, and civil), community involvement in the design, contract documents (including specifications and details as necessary), construction administration, and construction observation services.

Services Provided

d’Escoto is providing phase II design and phase III construction support.    On the design side, d’Escoto provided drainage design and worked with Chicago Stormwater Permitting to get the proposed design approved.  Part of this process required going to the site to compare actual conditions with those on the sewer atlases to confirm drainage patterns.  Assistance was also provided for the site and grading plans.

To aide with the bidding process, different turf vendors were contacted and interviewed.  These were also compared to other fields across the region to determine the durability.  This information was used to create a specification to best meet the needs of CPD.  In addition, d’Escoto provided bid assistance and addressed RFIs as required.