Main Sewer Lining Rehabilitation

  • Main Sewer Lining Rehabilitation
  • Main Sewer Lining Rehabilitation


Client: Chicago Department of Water Management

Location: Chicago, IL


d’Escoto, Inc. has been was selected by the Chicago Department of Water Management to provide construction management and administrative services for various sewer improvement projects located throughout the city. These services were issued on multi-year task order-based contracts. Main Sewer Lining Rehabilitation consists of improving the main sewer lines by Cured-In-Place resin-impregnated flexible tubes inserted into the existing sewer, catch basin laterals, and structures. The project includes various sewer pipe sizes ranging from 8” to 48” in diameter.

Services Provided

Staffing for the projects includes a Project Executive, a Program Manager, a Repair Coordinator, and several Resident Engineers and Field Inspectors. Together, the team ensures that contractors secure all necessary permits and continue to move forward with programmed projects for Far North, North and Central Sewer Lining Program.

Planning, programming, and coordinating the Sewer Lining projects begin with coordinating the release of the projects for the calendar year. The team reviews cost estimates and issues notices to proceed for work, then documents and reports to the DWM about the planned locations for work to ensure that there are no conflicts with the work of other agencies. Survey reviews for the Request for Estimate process are completed, followed by daily oversight of all field operations. The Resident Engineers and Field Inspectors assist with administrative tasks such as maintaining and updating data collection programs for the tracking of actual quantities used for invoicing and tracking. The team also tracks contractors’ progress on released projects from start to finish.

As projects require it, the team reviews, evaluates, and reports on sewers based on investigations by the City of Chicago and evaluates pre/post sewer lining DVDs to verify that contractors have completed work per the term agreement specifications and City standards. All sewer lining staff uses Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to track work in progress and Orion document tracking system for daily shift reports, invoicing, and contract documentation.