O’Hare Modernization Program

  • O’Hare Modernization Program
  • O’Hare Modernization Program
  • O’Hare Modernization Program
  • O’Hare Modernization Program


Client: Chicago Department of Aviation

Location: Chicago, IL


The City of Chicago has committed to increase the capacity at O’Hare International Airport by 60% and decrease delays by an estimated 79% by implementing an $8 Billion capital investment plan. This plan was approved by the FAA in October 2005 and involves the reconfiguration of the airfield and added terminal space. The plan includes the addition of four runways, the lengthening of two existing runways, and the decommissioning of two existing runways in order to configure the airfield with six parallel runways.

To date, four major projects have successfully been completed. In 2008, the OMP commissioned a 3,000-foot extension to O’Hare’s busiest Runway 10L-28R, a 7,500-foot long runway, and a new north air traffic control tower. All three projects opened on time or ahead of schedule and nearly $40 million under budget. This was possible because of the diligent Construction Management services provided and clear communication between all parties.

O’Hare remains an active airport while construction activities are taking place, requiring detailed coordination of all activities with several entities, both public and private. An additional runway, built to accommodate new, heavier aircrafts such as the Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A-380, opened in late 2013. Additionally, among other infrastructure, a new Air Traffic Control Tower and 7500 LF long runway were commissioned on the south side of the airport. Currently, the Program is on its final stage of completing the construction of new Runway 9C-27C and extension of Existing Runway 9R-27L.

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. provided construction management and inspection as part of the O’Hare Modernization Project Construction Management team (OMP-CM) on the following projects:

  • Completion of new Runway 9L-27R and Associated Taxiways

  • Completion of North, Central and South Detention Basins

  • Completion of Mount Prospect Road and Security Guard Post #1

  • Completion of new Runway 10R-28L, associated Taxiways and ground vehicle tunnels

  • Extension of 3,000 LF Runway 10L-28R and Associated Taxiways

  • Construction of new Runway 10C-28C, associated Taxiways, and ground vehicle tunnel

  • Construction of new Daytona Beach Pump Station

  • Construction of new Runway 9C-27C to be completed Fall 2020

  • Extension to 3,000 LF Runway 9R-27L and additional Taxiways to be completed Fall 2021

  • New North and South Air Traffic Control Towers

  • Construction of new lighting control vaults

  • Decommissioning, relocation, and commissioning of new FAA facilities

  • Construction of two Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Facilities

  • Construction of the new Central Deicing Facility and Control Tower

  • Construction of Taxiways Z/J and Tank Farm Road

  • Completion of United Airlines Employee parking lot and security checkpoints

d’Escoto Inc. Resident Engineers and Lead Inspectors were responsible for the construction oversight of contractors for these major projects. Along with other tasks, the d’Escoto team was responsible for the following:

  • Coordination between Operations, Airlines, FAA and other stakeholders
  • Documentation of field quantities, quality assurance, and safety checks, and schedule coordination
  • General inspection on all construction labor and subcontractor work to ensure quality and workmanlike installation
  • Observation of electrical installation to assure circuits and grounding adhere to construction document requirements