CHA Professional Design Services – Vivian Gordon

  • CHA Professional Design Services – Vivian Gordon
  • CHA Professional Design Services – Vivian Gordon
  • CHA Professional Design Services – Vivian Gordon


Client:  Chicago  Housing Authority

Location: Cook County, IL


The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has identified a multi-year Capital Improvement Program which includes projects at all its various properties, including family housing, senior housing, scattered site housing and specialty, non-housing. In order to assist the CHA in the design and construction of projects identified in the Capital Improvement Program, the CHA solicited professional design firms to provide Civil Engineering Services on a Task Order basis. This contract spans two years.

Vivian Gordon Harsh Apartment is a fourteen (14) story high-rise building built in 1962. Its constructed with a reinforced concrete structural frame, masonry infill panels and brick veneer. The 1.3-acre site is bordered by Oakenwald to the west and 43rd St. to the south.  The site has limited green space, amenities, parking and is generally underutilized by residents.

The work for this project included:

  • Building Program: Reconfigure, renovate, and/or refinish interior spaces to improve building operations, purpose, and amenities.
  • Site: Improvements for vehicular drop off area, site entry, and resident amenities.
  • Building: Complete roof replacement, select masonry repairs as determined by Critical Facade Inspection, select window repairs, MEP/FP/IT Systems improvements.

Services Provided

d’Escoto provided Civil Engineering Services for the Vivian Gordon Harsh Apartment. The proposed vehicular drop off area were created in AutoCAD LT for improved accessibility, this includes in-line new curb ramp, enhanced site entry, promenade and with improved lighting. Detailed calculations for ADA ramps were created to ensure the site meets current standards. d’Escoto is also providing utility plans to relocate the watermain and replace couple storm sewers due to root infiltration issue. Storm O&M plans were made to help with the regular and annual maintenance.

d’Escoto also assisting with the assembly and writing of the special provisions, using their experience from past CHA jobs. In addition, d’Escoto is providing the cost estimate for the entire project.