Various Phase I/II Projects

  • Various Phase I/II Projects


Client: Illinois Department of Transportation

Location: Various  Location in Illinois


Phase I and/or II engineering services are required for various projects throughout District Two. Work orders under the blanket agreement will be negotiated and authorized by the department on an as-needed basis.

The Phase I work may consist of conducting route surveys, hydraulic surveys, hydraulic analyses, geometric studies, and preparing Project Reports (Categorical Exclusion projects only). This work may include data collection, development of alignment alternatives, cost estimates, traffic management analysis, accident analyses, type, size and location (TS&L) drawings, structure plans, and other related work and exhibits necessary to produce the Project Report.

The Phase II work may consist of conducting surveys, hydraulic analyses, geometric studies, preparation of type, size and location (TS&L) drawings, structure plans, roadway plans, and any other related work to complete final plans, special provisions, and estimates.

The various proposed projects may consist of simple patching and resurfacing, bridge repair, bridge rehabilitation, bridge replacement, widening and resurfacing, and/or new roadway projects. The engineering sources required may consist of only a portion of the total engineering work on a certain project.

The estimated construction cost for these projects may range from $200,000 to $4,000,000. It is anticipated that this contract will include approximately 3 to 15 different projects. The completion date for this contract will be 60 months after authorization to proceed.

Services Provided

d’Escoto, Inc. is providing phase I and II engineering services in the form of ADA ramp studies and design. Work will include a visual check as well as checking survey points to see if existing ramps are in compliance. Designs will be provided for non-compliant ramps. Proper elevation and dimensions will be designed to ensure the sidewalks and ramps meet current ADA standards. Design will also be done in such a way to minimize impact to surrounding areas and existing roadway.