Phase I/II Civil Design

Phase I/II Civil Design

Civil design engineers at d’Escoto, Inc. consistently perform their work using industry-standard procedures and programs, and they apply the resourceful problem-solving skills they have developed on many complex, multimillion-dollar projects. We ensure quality, consistency and efficiency in all of our efforts:

  • From the assembly of contract plans, specifications and estimates to geometric calculations and 3D modeling.
  • From the design of Drainage systems for planned roadways to the erosion and sediment control required during construction.
  • From maintenance of traffic plans to carrier warrant analyses and landscaping

We use the latest software, including MicroStation’s 3D Corridor Modeling, and Bentley’s OpenRoads Designer, including Subsurface Utility Design and Analysis (SUDA) and OpenFlow’s CivilStorm applications. d’Escoto, Inc. has incorporated a wide range of design features within our MicroStation 3D Corridor Modeling template database, which includes:

  • Pavement transitions at ramp gores and approach pavement
  • Storm sewer and utility depiction in the 3D environment
  • Variable ditch and pond grading scenarios
  • Earthwork estimation and analysis
  • Retaining wall build/no-build options
  • Visualization of potential overhead hazards such as electric power lines and runway protection zones

Among our civil design staff, we are proud to have two Certified Floodplain Managers. This is a designation required by an increasing number of agencies nationwide. CFMs are qualified to mitigate damage by improving floodplain management and stopping its drain on human, financial and natural resources.

Check out our project portfolio below to see how we’ve discovered and applied innovative, customized approaches to unique project challenges within the prescriptive guidelines of our clients.