Program Management

Civil Engineering Services

In today’s immensely competitive environment, organizations are no longer retaining staff to perform specialized design and construction functions. The trend is now to outsource these tasks. In response to this demand, d’Escoto, Inc. has developed the services of senior management and technical staff to meet the short-term and intermittent needs of owners, architects, engineers and contractors for specialized technical and management services. As agency budgets are shrinking and in-house services are cut, d’Escoto, Inc. is capable of filling the necessary roles crucial to well-managed, on-time and under-budget projects.

Civil Design Services

As Civil Design Engineers, we apply the appropriate standards to efficiently assemble the client’s contract plans, specifications, and estimates. Civil Engineering services include: civil concept reports; stormwater drainage models and reports; plans, specifications and estimates; construction administration; third party review; and value engineering.

Our Civil Engineers excel at performing the following tasks in a timely and proficient manner:

  • Roadway geometrics
  • Developing maintenance of traffic
  • Cost estimating
  • Stormwater conveyance and detention design
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Barrier warrant analysis
  • Soil erosion and sediment control / SWPPP
  • Quantity calculations
  • QA/QC process
  • Earthwork cross sections and mass grading

Our Process

Our engineers have developed a variety of unique programs and procedures to aid in the creation, assembly, and checking of the Phase II contract documents. This unique verification process occurs throughout the design to ensure a consistency between the plans, specifications, and estimates from the first concept submittal to the final advertisement set. Discrepancies can be reported and remedied in advance of submittal deadlines by cross referencing the calculation sheets, summary of quantities, schedule of quantities, specifications, special provisions, and plans.

Cost Estimating

For our clients an accurate cost estimate is often the difference between success and failure. The correct estimate positions organizations to plan better and make decisions based on real-time, valuable data. When empowered with this knowledge, business choices are made on educated analysis and fact. This provides a much more powerful position to make the right choices and to avoid the serious loss of time and money.

d’Escoto, Inc.’s involvement with many complex, high-profile, multi-billion dollar construction projects, and overall program and project management expertise, has helped us develop a thorough understanding of the cost of construction. This allows our team to use historical data to project what projects will cost and demonstrate industry trends. In addition, as a quality control measure, d’Escoto, Inc. actively engages contractors and suppliers to keep real time analytics regarding labor and material pricing trends. This is known in the construction industry as the “Complete Analysis Method.”

As the project reaches Design Development, at both the 50% and 100% levels, more detail is integrated into the estimate so cost estimating resources and software such as RS Means®, PlanSwift® or CostWorks®, can be utilized to provide a more specific cost estimate.

Our Strategy

At TheBuilt we are committed to green building and sustainability in our offices as well as on our job sites. We believe green buildings are not only good for the environment, they also provide immediate and long-term economic benefits.

Project Controls

Project Controls

We are experts in Project Controls. By working cohesively with our client, we provide an excellent end-user experience that facilitates the timely gathering and storing of very important project information and ensure its success. Our expertise includes:

  • PMP Professionals
  • Project Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Document Control