Utilities Expertise

Utility infrastructure maintenance is critical to keeping our urban, suburban and rural communities safe, healthy and working properly. Aging gas pipelines, sewer lines and water lines are in constant need of attention, and repair work requires professional construction inspection services to oversee work on these crucial services.   

Gas pipelines deliver natural gas to residences and businesses and require larger, safer pipes and upgraded utility stations as demand increases. Pipeline inspection during construction is vital during these service upgrades. 

Sewer and water mainline maintenance has not been properly addressed in this country for many decades. Throughout our communities, both are in need of lining or full replacement. Resin lining has been a successful solution to extend the life of some pipelines throughout the City of Chicago, Cook County and surrounding areas. If lining is not an option, full replacement must be performed by construction crews. Construction inspection and oversight ensures the successful completion of these projects.   

d’Escoto, Inc. has assisted the agencies who supply these utilities with the planning and implementation of these projects and has performed successful construction inspection services for over two decades.