Sewer Replacement Project TOR 145

  • Sewer Replacement Project TOR 145
  • Sewer Replacement Project TOR 145


Client: Chicago Department of Water Management

Location: Chicago, IL


PN  6931 – 62nd Street from Central to Mason, 61st Street from Major to Austin, Monitor Avenue from 60th to 280′ South, 60th Street from Austin to Mason

PN 7050 – Kolmar Avenue from Marquette to 68th, 68th Street from Kolmar to Kilbourn

PN 7060 – Lawndale Avenue from 85th to 86th, 86th Street from Lawndale to Central Park, Central Park Avenue from 86th to 87th

The project consisted of approximately 5,000 linear feet of 16” to 48” diameter sewer pipe installation with an estimated duration of 240 days weeks plus one month for punch list and closeout.

Services Provided

d’Escoto is provided an R.E. and inspection oversight for sewer installation, resurfacing, and sidewalk restoration. Our team was also responsible for monitoring the following:

  • Providing pay estimate monthly
  • Daily installation of 12″ to 48″ linear feet of sewer pipe
  • Material quantities
  • Catch basin and manhole installation
  • Sidewalk repair/replacement
  • Driveway and alley apron repair/replacement
  • Construction site cleanliness
  • Asphalt resurfacing,
  • Landscaping restoration
  • job closeout