UAV (Drone) Services

The Implementation of Drone Technology woven into our Engineering Services

Deployed correctly, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka. UAVs or Drones) can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ projects. Drones can reduce project costs by providing real-time project information and accurate side by side comparisons, facilitating informed decision making, and improving project quality by allowing easier access to volumes of highly accurate data in less time.

Using this modern technology allows us to safely and efficiently view, verify, and document project areas or structures in ways that are often more cost effective and safer than using traditional methods. Drones also allow close-up inspection of hard-to-reach structures, rugged terrain, and remote sites, thus reducing risk for site employees.

Our staff of technical experts are FAA certified and have the needed experience to apply this technology. Utilizing drone services can benefit your project while increasing safety and limiting onsite personnel downtime.