Langley Avenue Sewer Improvement Project

  • Langley Avenue Sewer Improvement Project
  • Langley Avenue Sewer Improvement Project


Client: Chicago Department of Water Management

Location: Chicago, IL


The existing pipe dated back to 1889 and needed to be replaced. Further, the area bounded by Pershing on the north, 40th Street on the south, Cottage Grove on the east, and Vincennes on the west will benefit from improved drainage and reduced risk of flooding.

The project consisted of approximately 1,400 feet of 24” to 36” diameter sewer pipe and tumbling basin installation.

The project limits are: S. Langley Avenue from E. 40th Street to E. Oakwood Boulevard, E. Oakwood Boulevard from S. Langley Avenue to S. Vincennes Avenue.

Services Provided

To accomplish the requirements of each project, d’Escoto, Inc. provided the Resident Engineer that performed the following services:

  • Manage and organize field inspection needs
  • Perform site inspections and assist the inspector with fieldwork as needed
  • Review and check the daily report with a measurement sheet
  • Assist the contractor with utility coordination
  • Coordinate with other agencies and city departments
  • Prepare a break report if a utility is hit.  Coordinate with that utility for repair
  • Prepare paperwork such as PCMs, LICs, field orders, ADA ramp QC reports
  • Prepare the monthly estimate
  • Address concerns by the public.